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1. On the surface, civilization and fashion go hand in hand. What does the current atmosphere of fashion say of our collective civility?

2. Pop Culture mandates the now to be embodied by prospective fashionistas, and this trend tends to be raw and edgy. How do you maintain this vibe in your appearance?

3. We are no stranger to memes. These movements are spontaneous and gain momentum nearly over night. A popular phrase can create a buzz for merchandise, but might not necessarily be fashionable; ie, "Savage AF"
Where do you draw the line when it comes to fashion and fads?

4. Fashion is an extremely competitive industry, some would even argue that it is "cutthroat." The adrenaline behind drive is like a drug. Do you mosh?

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More Than Just Music

 光 = Light: Bold and fearless, her daring rivaled only by her beauty.
天誅 = Tenchu: Disciplined, honorable and above reproach.
ローズ = Rose: Reclusive, Private Investigator
刺客 = Thug: Ambitious & Auspicious Gang Leader
兵士 = Soldier: Father Figure & Body Guard to 光
私服 = Sīfú: Wise and Noble leader of WUDAN

A New York socialite becomes vulnerable after her bodyguard is hospitalized, and her private investigator goes missing. As fate would have it, a stranger becomes the only one she can trust.